OUR SHEARING PROGRAM​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Our Shearing Courses are a great way to help you fast-track the practical element of your training  


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22539VIC Course in Introductory Shearing (VICTORIA ONLY) &

SA 5 Day Novice Shearing and Woolhandling Course (SA ONLY)

These 5 Day Courses provide highly sought-after practical skills for the shearing environment, enabling you to become employable as "learners" in commercial wool harvesting operations throughout Australia.

Suitable for participants ranging from those new to the shearing industry, to wool handlers looking to learn new skills & farm workers wanting to gain experience in shearing and crutching. 


AHC21316 Certificate II in Shearing

The Certificate II in Shearing provides an entry level occupation outcome in shearing. It recognises the work of a novice shearing who is able to shear a minimum of 40 adult merino sheep or 50 crossbred sheep per day to an acceptable industry standard. 

This course can be completed by attending one of our "Novice" Shearing courses. Our leading industry trainers provide one on one coaching and expert tips throughout the duration of the course to enable you to shear to a high quality.

Suitable for participants ranging from those new to the shearing industry, to wool handlers looking to learn new skills in shearing and crutching. 

AHC32916 Certificate III in Shearing

The Certificate III in Shearing course covers occupational outcomes for shearing at the professional level. This requires a high standard of workmanship at a rate of at least 120 adult merino sheep or 140 adult crossbred sheep per day. 

This course can be completed by attending our "Improver" courses which are fully paid jobs as per a normal working day, campout & include one on one teaching to maximise your potential. 

Our trainers include State and National champions ready to pass on their knowledge and expertise to increase your daily tallies, quality and fitness. 

Suitable for participants employed in the industry who have completed a AHC21316 Certificate II in Shearing and looking to furher their skills to the highest level. 

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Shearing Schools are the perfect way to gain the basic skills you need to get into the wool industry or to improve your skills to the next level.

Our training is shed-based & designed to give you real-world, hands on training taught by leading industry trainers.

We hold intensive 1 & 2 week Shearing Schools throughout the year at a range of venues across Victoria and South Australia - refer to the program below.

Our Novice & Improver Shearing and Woolhandling Training Schools are designed for learner & improver shearers to provide a solid introduction to the Wool Harvesting industry & create a pathway to obtaining ongoing employment in the industry. Participants will be issued with a nationally recognised Qualification or Statement of Attainment upon completion of the School.

Graduates are highly sought after by the woolharvesting industry due to the high level of training, leading to excellent employment outcomes.




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