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SA 5 Day Novice Shearing & Woolhandling Course

The SA 5 day novice shearing and woolhandling course provides highly sought-after practical skills for the shearing environment, enabling you to become employable as a “learner” in commercial wool harvesting operations throughout Australia.

The SA 5 day novice shearing and woolhandling course is suitable for participants ranging from those new to the shearing industry, to wool handlers looking to learn new skills in shearing & farm workers wanting to gain experience in shearing and crutching.

You will learn about a range of skills such as handling sheep for sheep shearing, requirements specific to shearing & using equipment such as grinding combs, cutters & setting up a handpiece, maintaining your health & wellbeing for the shearing industry & financial budgeting for seasonal workers. Throughout the course you will also be taught all aspects of wool handling, wool pressing & clip preparation to prepare you to go straight into the industry.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

COURSE DURATION:        5 Days 



DELIVERY LOCATIONS: Statewide across South Australia


AHCWHS201 Participate in Work Health & Safety
AHCLSK217   Apply Animal Welfare Principles
AHCSHG206  Prepare handpiece & Downtube for Machine                                           Shearing
AHCSHG205  Grind Combs and Cutters for Machine Shearing
AHCWOL202  Perform Board Duties
AHCSHG210  Undertake Basic Shearing and Crutching


On completion of the Course in Introductory Shearing you can further your skills by undertaking pathways into AHC21316 Certificate II in Shearing & AHC32916 Certificate III in Shearing where you will receive extra training & in-shed coaching to take you to a professional level, increasing tallies & shearing to a high quality.

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