​​​​​​​AHC33016 - Certificate III in Wool Clip Preparation (SA Only)

AHC33016 Certificate III in Wool Clip Preparation is the entry-level qualification you need to apply for an Owner Classer registration with the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX)

In this course, you will develop the knowledge and skills needed to work as a wool classer on your property.
Through theoretical & practical course work you will learn to:

  • Appraise Wool Using Industry Descriptions
  • Prepare Wool Based on it’s Characteristics
  • Supervise Clip Preparation
  • Prepare Fleece Wool for Classing
  • Class Fleece Wool

Our leading industry trainers provide one on one coaching & expert tips throughout the duration of the course to enable you to carry out wool  classing duties to a high standard in-shed. 

  • Skills you will develop include:
  • High level communication
  • Team work & collaboration
  • Organisational skills
  • Attention to detail

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Our instructors have extensive industry experience and will help you quickly and easily develop the skills needed to start a career in wool classing. 

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AHC41316 - Certificate IV in Wool Classing

​​​​​​​AHC41316 Certificate IV in Wool Classing is a nationally accredited course enabling graduates to become a professional wool classer registered with the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX).

At Shearer Woolhandler Training Inc. our focus is on real, hands on training to help you not only gain the knowledge and skills you need, but also to help you gain insights into the wool industry that only a training organisation aligned with and backed by the wool industry can provide.

Our Certificate IV in Wool Classing will provide you with everything needed to qualify with real experience, helping to develop leadership, high level communication skills, teamwork, and strong organisational skills. Graduates of our courses are highly sought after by the wool industry due to the high level of training, leading to excellent employment outcomes.

The course provides you the skills to :

  • Prepare fleece for wool for classing
  • Determine wool classing strategies
  • Press wool for clip
  • Establish work routines
  • Manage wool shed activities
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All training delivered by SCAA SWTI has a strong focus on developing applied vocational skills targeted to the wool harvesting sector.


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